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Sep 11, 2018  

A Detailed Look At Level-headed Secrets

Illegal Vancouver gambling house shut down following year-long probe | Vancouver Sun

The N.C. Attorney General’s Office told the Observer this week it is “very concerned” about the fish games and has been giving advice to local police on how to enforce state gambling laws. Meanwhile, Whisnant and other police chiefs across the state have taken their concerns to Wells. Wells co-wrote a legislative bill that, if signed into law, would increase penalties for those found guilty of operating illegal gambling machines in North Carolina. Instead of a misdemeanor, the bill proposes a felony charge on a first arrest for anyone found operating four or more gambling machines. The bill, introduced last year, passed with bipartisan support in the N.C. Senate but has twice been delayed or denied a vote in the House. The legislative hold-up and intense lobbying from the gaming industry has been frustrating, Wells said. The N.C.

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